A Brief History of Bamboozo

It all began when I started looking for some workout clothes that were light, soft, sustainable, stylish, and, of course, that weren’t going to break the bank.

Finding clothes that ticked all the boxes proved impossible. But then I stumbled upon this little company that sold bamboo clothing. I gave them a shot and now I don’t wear anything else (at least when working out).


The year I first tried bamboo products and began researching the miracle plant.


The blog has currently helped 1000s of people make eco-informed decisions!


The year I launched Bamboozo to review bamboo and eco-friendly products.

2023 and beyond

We plan to keep discovering the most eco-friendly products on the planet!

Fresh bamboo leaves
About Our Blog

I started Bamboozo to help others discover the amazing benefits of bamboo products, but also to share my own journey of upgrading more of my purchasing habits for more sustainable options.

This site is for those who, like me, live and work in the modern urban world and yet want to decrease their impact on the environment. I believe we all don’t have to go live off-the-grid and make our own pots and pans. Living sustainably starts with spreading the word about great eco-friendly alternatives and discovering a cleaner way to enjoy our current lives.

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