The Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Guide: Babies, Toddlers, Pajamas & More


Bamboo baby clothes are a relatively new invention. Go back ten years and they didn’t exist. Go back five years and you’d find very few options, limited designs, and varying levels of quality.

Today, however, more and more parents are catching on to the benefits of bamboo baby clothes and brands and manufacturers are finally responding with higher quality, functional, and heart-meltingly cute clothing.

That being said, finding the best bamboo baby clothes brands is still not as straightforward as, say, finding those that use cotton.

Bamboo fabric performs differently to conventional fabrics, and not all bamboo clothing is creating equal. New parents have to be especially aware of the brands that are simply jumping on the bamboo craze and importing cheap, low-quality bamboo clothing that falls to pieces after a few washes.

Once you know how to find the gems, though, you will never want to go back to normal clothing. Not only are high-quality bamboo baby clothes insanely soft and comfortable, they’re breathable, great for sensitive skin and eczema, and also better for the environment than other fabrics.

Whether you’re a new parent looking for clothes that don’t irritate your newborn’s delicate skin, an auntie looking for that extra special gift, or a mom or dad that loves bamboo fabric but can’t find the right brands, you’re in the right place.

We reviewed hundreds of bamboo baby clothes to help parents like ourselves save time and find options that are good for their little ones and good for the world.

After putting them through a rigorous criteria (described below), we finally came up with a selection of winners across the following categories:

• The #1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes (0-6 months)
• The #1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Girls (6+ Months)
• The #1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Boys (6+ Months)
• The #1 Best Bamboo Baby Towel
• The #1 Best Bamboo Baby Blanket

Before we get to our top picks, as bamboo clothes raise a lot of concerns in terms of safety, sensitive skin, and care guidelines, we’ve answered the most common questions we hear below. If your question isn’t answered, drop it in the comments below!

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Little baby boy in grey pajamas holding mother's hand on the bed, close up

Is Bamboo Fabric Safe For Babies & Baby Clothes?

Compared to conventional fabrics like cotton and polyester, bamboo fabric is softer, more environmentally-friendly, and, most importantly, safer for babies.

Firstly, unlike cotton baby clothes, bamboo uses very few if any pesticides and fertilisers in its production. This makes the fabric naturally organic (although it’s always best to look for certified organic brands).

Secondly, many bamboo baby brands go one step further and avoid using toxic chemicals like flame retardants that are proven to be harmful to health.

It is important to look for bamboo baby clothes that are non-toxic or OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX is an independent research-led organisation that tests and verifies products to be free from many known harmful substances.

Thirdly, bamboo fabric is highly porous, meaning it is much more breathable than other fabrics. The fibers of bamboo are also naturally soft so they don’t rub up against your baby’s skin and cause irritation and discomfort.

young mother swaddling a newborn baby

Which Fabrics Are Best For Newborn Babies?

Parents understandably want to find baby clothes that are affordable, relatively soft, and accessible. As cotton ticks all of these boxes, cotton is the most recommended fabric for newborn, baby, and children’s clothing.

This is good for the cotton industry, but potentially harmful for everyone else. In a comprehensive study by Greenpeace, many cotton garments from retailers sold by Zara and Levis were found to contain hazardous chemicals associated with cancer, hormone defects, and birth defects.

To avoid such harmful chemicals, many parents are tuning toward organic and more sustainable fabrics. Bamboo fabric an an option for baby clothes is increasing in popularity as not only can it grow with little to no pesticides and fertilisers, the fabric is also one of the softest on the planet and often recommended for those with delicate, sensitive skin and allergies, including preemies and newborns.

Atopic dermatitis eczema in baby.Condition that causes the skin

Are Bamboo Baby Clothes Hypoallergenic & Good For Eczema?

Don’t be fooled—despite what the brands say, the vast majority of bamboo clothing is not antibacterial. Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published an article debunking the claim that bamboo products are antibacterial.

That being said, bamboo baby clothes are hypoallergenic—meaning they are much more unlikely to cause an allergic reaction that other fabrics. In fact, bamboo fabric is recognized as one of the most eczema-friendly fabrics by the National Eczema Society.

In comparison to cotton and bamboo/cotton mixtures, 100% bamboo fabric has been proven to not trap heat and to instead wick, or move, moisture away from the body to the outer surface of the bamboo fabric where it can then evaporate.

Combined with the natural softness of bamboo and the lack of harmful chemicals, this moisture wicking ability reduces the possibility of aggravating your baby’s allergies or skin conditions.

Avoid overloading the washer and using harsh detergents

Are Bamboo Baby Clothes Easy to Wash & Take Care of?

Washing and taking care of bamboo baby clothes is not difficult. However, to help ensure the fabric doesn’t tear and to increase the longevity of your garments, it is recommended to follow specific washing and care guidelines. 

Perhaps the most important point is to wash your bamboo baby clothing on a cold or lukewarm water temperature setting (maximum 30 degrees). Hot water can not only damage bamboo baby clothes, it can also lead them to shrink excessively.

Stick to the below guidelines to properly look after bamboo baby clothes:

• Wash separately from other items
• Use mild eco-friendly detergents
• Avoid using hot water
• Wash on a gentle cycle and rinse
• Always air-dry over tumble dry

Bamboo sheets can be machine washed on a cool, gentle cycle

Do Bamboo Baby Clothes Shrink in The Dryer?

Thinner or lower quality bamboo clothes have a tendency to pill or shrink. High-quality bamboo baby clothes are expected to shrink slightly in the first wash or two (some brands pre-wash their clothes to avoid this), however after this they retain their size and shape well.

Following the proper washing and care guidelines will ensure your bamboo baby clothes don’t shrink too much. The stretchability of bamboo is also forgiving, allowing room for your baby to grow while still being comfortable and allowing them to move around freely. 

Composition and care clothes label on 100% organic bamboo towel

Are Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands Easy to Find?

One of the clear downsides of bamboo baby clothes is that, as the market is still very young, it can be difficult to find the exact garment or product you are looking for. 

This lack of availability, combined with the higher production costs of bamboo fabric, mean that bamboo baby clothes also typically cost more than their cotton or polyester counterparts.

On top of this, there are many questionable brands that are jumping on the bamboo bandwagon and offering low-quality bamboo clothing that are thrown together in factories in China from unsustainable bamboo.

All of these reasons can make it difficult to find bamboo clothing brands that offer safe and high-quality products.

The good news is, though, there are brands out there that care about their customers and that create safe, eco-friendly, and luxuriously-soft bamboo baby clothing. 

Newborn pretty baby in sleepwear lying on white sheet, top view

3 Bamboo Baby Clothes Benefits

1. So Soft They Won't Want to Wear Anything Else

As the spend so much time lying down, wrapped up, and being carried around, making sure your baby feels as comfortable as possible is the top priority.

Bamboo baby clothes are incredibly soft, but at the same time not thick or fluffy. The combination is ideal for the delicate skin of a baby that requires both gentleness and protection.

2. Durable & Stretchy For Playing, Rolling & Crawling

One moment a baby can be fast asleep, and the next they can be off on a grand exploration. For this reason, baby clothes need to be suitable for every circumstance—not to mention those unexpected mishaps.

Due to the natural qualities of bamboo, high-quality bamboo baby clothes tend to be very stretchy and also durable against scuffs and scrapes. This makes them a good option for both daytime and nighttime wear.

3. Heat-Regulating For Staying Cool & Restful Sleep

Babies can’t adjust to temperature changes as well as adults and can lose heat up to 4 times faster than an adult. Not to mention, they can’t get up and change their clothes or take off a layer when they need to.

Bamboo fabric is heat regulating, meaning it adjusts to the body’s temperature and helps ensure your baby doesn’t get too warm and overheat or suddenly lose too much heat and get too cold. It’s breathability also means bamboo fabric will keep your baby about 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton.

woman choosing children apparel with little baby child on hands in clothing shop supermarket

Baby Bamboo Baby Clothes Selection Criteria

Our criteria cover the 7 most important aspects for a bouncing newborn baby and their parents when it comes to determining the safest and most comfortable bamboo clothing.

Sensitive skin

Are the bamboo clothes made in a way that’s suitable for delicate and sensitive skin? Does the brand follow ethical production practices? Does the product have any certifications, such as organic status or OEKO-TEX?


How soft is the clothing? Does the bamboo fabric have the right balance of softness and durability? Does the fabric retain its softness after being washed?


Are the bamboo clothes breathable? Do they offer good heat regulation to keep little ones cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool? Do they offer both ventilation and coverage?


Does the bamboo clothing allow room for moving, playing, crawling and for growth? Is the fabric stretchy but also durable, even after many washes?

Eco-friendliness (Softest footprint)

Is the fabric made from 100% bamboo fabric or a blend of fabrics? Is the bamboo sustainably sourced? Does the brand have any environmental policies? Are the pajamas made in the US or abroad?


Is the bamboo clothing resistant enough to endure a baby’s daily activities? How does it respond to stains and other mishaps? How long does the clothing typically last?


Is the bamboo clothing designed for everyday life? Is it practical and easy to remove? Does the clothing come in a range of styles for all preferences?

#1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Preemies & Newborns (0-6 Months)

Softest Footprint

Eco-conscious brand & fabrics not treated with harsh chemicals

Top Rated

Scored top of review process & has many 5-star customer ratings


Softer & more sustainable than many other bamboo brands

#1 best bamboo baby clothes (0-6 Months)

Posh Peanut 2-Piece Baby Pajama Set

Constantly changing babies in and out of day and nightwear makes little sense. They need to be comfortable, cozy, and ready to sleep at all times.

This 2-piece bamboo baby set by Posh Peanut is the answer. It’s unbelievably soft (but not fluffy), made from high-quality sustainable bamboo, and features cleverly positioned soft ties for easy removal and diaper changing.

What makes Posh Peanut the best option for brand-new babies is that they ensure their fabric is free from any harmful substances (many brands do not). They’re also headquartered in California and individually check all of their products on-site.

If the cute dinosaur designs and flowery patterns don’t convince you, their matching bamboo mommy robes will.

• Choose from 4 styles with snaps & soft ties for easy diaper changes
• Boy, girl, and unisex designs
• Super soft matching mommy robe for easy nursing & hospital stays
• Made from signature Päpook fabric sourced from sustainable bamboo
• All products examined first in California headquarters
• Sold at prestigious department stores & boutiques worldwide

Check the price and availability on Amazon below!

#1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Girls (6+ Months)

Softest Footprint

Eco-conscious brand & fabrics not treated with harsh chemicals

Top Rated

Scored top of review process & has many 5-star customer ratings


Softer & more sustainable than many other bamboo brands

#1 best bamboo baby clothes GIRLS (6+ months)

Posh Peanut Little Girls Dresses

With over 500 five-star ratings, there is no denying that both kids and parents love these twirl dresses by Posh Peanut.

Over and over again parents comment that It’s light and twirls beautifully, but it’s not so light that it lifts up with the wind, it washes well, and  it makes a lovely gift for Christmas and birthdays.

The 15 styles include something for every taste,  from floral patterns and ice cream unicorns to racecars, sharks, and dinosaurs. 

• Sizes from 12 months up to 10 years
• Mix & match with mommy robes, rompers, etc.
• Made from signature Päpook fabric sourced from sustainable bamboo
• All products examined first in California headquarters
• Sold at prestigious department stores & boutiques worldwide

Check the price and availability on Amazon below!

#1 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes For Boys (6+ Months)

Softest Footprint

Few details about its sustainable practices but very long-lasting

Top Rated

Scored top of review process & has many 5-star customer ratings


Super soft propriety Lunaluxe 95% bamboo viscose fabric

#1 best bamboo baby clothes (6+ Months)

Little Sleepies Two-Piece Boy Pajama Set

Bamboo baby clothes specifically for boys are much harder to come by than for girls (frills and flowers sell much better than plain designs and trucks).

However, this Little Sleepies 2-Piece Boys Pajama Set is so practical, durable, and cool, your little munchkin will want to spend all day in them.

Little Sleepies is one of the best-known bamboo baby clothes brands, and it doesn’t take long to find out why.

The first thing is their designs are not stock images but unique and commissioned by actual artists. They’re so good that sets like the Disney pajamas often run out before you can blink.

Next is the quality and softness. Thanks to the stretchability of bamboo, parents report their kids spending up to 3 seasons or more in the same set of pajamas!

Pick up 2 pairs and match them with other pieces in their wardrobe for an endless combination of day and nighttime clothes.

• Designed by a mom
• Made from buttery-soft Lunaluxe 95% bamboo viscose
• Made by a well-known & trusted brand
• No snaps, buttons, or interior tags
• Ideal for both winter & summer months
• Designed for long-lasting comfort & maximum cuteness

Check the price and availability below!

#1 Best Bamboo Baby Towel

Softest Footprint

Product made from 100% organic bamboo fabric

Top Rated

Scored top of review process & has many 5-star customer ratings


Softer & more sustainable than many other bamboo brands

#1 Best Bamboo baby clothes (accessories)

Foreverpure Baby Bamboo Hooded Towel

This hooded bamboo towel is the answer for getting your little one excited, or more relaxed, about bath time, as well as for simplifying the nighttime transition from bath to bed.

As well as being down right adorable, the towel is ideal for delicate skin thanks to being made from 100% organic bamboo fabric. Your little ones won’t be wandering around soaked either as bamboo is more absorbent and faster drying than cotton.

Available in a range of colors, the towel also makes a great baby shower or Christmas gift!

• 30-35 inch sizes perfect for newborns to toddlers 
• Adorable unisex puppy design
• Super absorbent & fast drying
• 100% organic bamboo fabric
• Free bamboo washcloth, greeting card & rubber duck!

Check the current price and availability on Amazon below!

#2 Best Bamboo Baby Blanket

Softest Footprint

Eco-conscious brand & fabrics not treated with harsh chemicals

Top Rated

Scored top of review process & has many 5-star customer ratings


As soft as being cuddled by a family
of giant pandas

#2 Best Bamboo baby clothes (accessories)

Posh Peanut Square Plush Patoo Security Blanket

Specially designed for newborn swaddling, car seats, and strollers, these bamboo baby blankets by Posh Peanut are luxuriously soft and make the perfect companion for on-the-go napping.

If you’re familiar with bamboo clothing, well, these blankets are even softer as they use a premium weave. They also have a weighted feel (not too much), providing just the right amount of comfort and security for restful sleep.

Available in a range of styles, this blanket will be with your little one for years to come!

• 40 x 40 inches—ideal for swaddling and strollers
• Double-layered, reversible design
• Only gets softer and softer with every wash
• Examined first in California headquarters
• Sold at prestigious department stores & boutiques worldwide

Newborn pretty baby in sleepwear lying on white sheet, top view

Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Conclusion

So, what do you think of our category winners? Do they deserve to be rated as the best baby bamboo clothes? Or do you have your own winners?

Whatever your thoughts, we’d love to hear about your experiences with our top reviewed picks. We’ll also be updating this list regularly, so make sure to check back for the latest and greatest bamboo options for your little pandas!


This article includes links to trusted websites where you can purchase some of the highest-quality bamboo products, hand-picked and reviewed by me. By clicking these links, you help support my work and I may earn a small commission (I never take payments to promote products). Thank you Panda-lovers!

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